Are you one of those people who will try to ignore a painful condition until it get intolerable?

Only then will you seek a diagnosis from a medical professional and by this time, the condition may have become aggravated causing you to need far more extensive (and possibly expensive) treatment. In today’s busy world, where everything is on the fast track, people can’t be bothered with a nagging pain in their foot – it gets in the way of your life. Most people won’t make the time to consult a podiatrist to make sure that it is nothing serious and simply choose to ignore the pain in the hope that it will disappear of its own accord.

Of course there are many minor injuries that heal themselves automatically and fade away with time. Often the feet are just responding to exhaustion and aren’t seriously hurt or injured – the pain disappears if you rest at the weekend. But sometimes, when ignored, your foot condition may develop into something serious such as a bunion, plantar fasciitis or an ingrown toenail.

How do you know when foot pain can be ignored and when it can’t?

Here are some signs that indicate a visit to a podiatrist is in order.

  • Your pain is chronic – it has lasted for three or four days without pause. If the pain becomes more pronounced after your feet have been in a period of extended rest e.g. sleep – then you rest alone will not resolve your problem and you should visit a podiatrist.
  • An awkward shift in your gait could also signal an underlying problem, and you should get this checked out by a podiatrist as soon as possible. Remember, in general, the earlier the problem is diagnosed, the less treatment will be required.
  • If any of your toes start to swell or get inflamed see a podiatrist immediately as these conditions can be quite crippling if left untreated.

Remember, pain which lasts more than a few days is not normal. Sparing a little time early on to get the opinion of a podiatrist may save you a long period of mandatory rest further down the line.

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