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Diabetic foot care is becoming more and more important. With the incidence of diabetes increasing in the UK, it is recommended that if you are diabetic, you undergo annual diabetic foot checks.
Diabetes can affect the blood supply to the feet, causing a delay in the healing of any wound and increasing the risk of infection. The circulation to the feet is also checked during a diabetic foot assessment.

Your Diabetic Screening

Your podiatrist will:

  • check the pulses in your feet
  • assess you for any signs of neuropathy (reduced sensation)
  • complete a full foot health check
  • treat foot related skin problems and foot related pain
  • treat ulcers and foot infections
  • request x-rays and imaging
  • send a complete ‘Diabetic foot screening’ summary to your NHS or private GP (please let your podiatrist know if you do not wish for this form to be sent)
  • if needed, refer you to a foot and ankle surgeon

What We Screen For

  • Corn and calluses
  • Reduced blood supply (circulation)
  • Neuropathy (reduced sensation)
  • Foot Ulcers
  • Foot Infections
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