<h1 class = "standard-header">Heel Spurs</h1>

What is a Heel Spur?

Heel SpurA heel spur is a build-up of calcium on the heel bone. This causes a protrusion, which is generally not painful.

What Causes a Heel Spur?

  • Repeated impact. You won’t develop a heel spur overnight. If you are in pain and it has come on suddenly, it is likely that you have plantar fasciitis rather than a heel spur. Athletes who partake in impact sports involving a lot of running and/or jumping tend to get heel spurs, which build up over a long period of time.


  • Rest – The best possible treatment for bone spurs is rest and elevation. Keep your foot raised to reduce the calcium build up and rested to avoid frequent impact.
  • Orthotics If rest is not an option for you, then we would recommend orthotics which reduce the pressure on the area. Learn more.
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