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What is a Bunion?

BunionA bunion – or hallux valgus – is the formation of a bony bump on the side of the big toe. As a result of this change in alignment your big toe joint does not function as effectively and can result in pain in the big toe joint or corns or callus developing under the ball of your foot.

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Bunion Exerciser

At Kensington Podiatry, we can set you up with an exercise regime, that even with just a few minutes each day, may help prevent a bunion developing. More information.

What Causes a Bunion?

  • There are many factors which could predispose you to the development of bunions, and your podiatrist will discuss this with you at your consultation.
  • Bunions are more common in women than men, and there is a popular misconception that high heels cause bunions. Genetic factors and bone abnormalities are the most common causes. However, you can alleviate the symptoms by wearing loser fitting shoes, or dispensing with shoes altogether.


  • Acupuncture – Bunions are treated with acupuncture to ease the pain and hold off surgery wherever possible.
  • Other bunion treatments depend on the severity of the deformity, but include orthotics, exericses to strengthen the small muscles in the feet, dry needling, and in extreme cases, surgery.
  • Go barefoot! – there’s no better way to alleviate the pain of a bunion than by dispensing with shoes altogether.
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