<h1 class = "standard-header">Foot Ulcers</h1>

What are Foot Ulcers?

Foot UlcersA foot ulcer is simply an open sore on the foot. Foot ulcers can occur anywhere on the foot and can vary from small craters to deep cuts. You should never ignore foot ulcers as they may be an indication of a more serious underlying condition.

What Causes Foot Ulcers?

  • Diabetes can make people prone to foot ulcers. If you are diabetic, you may also have reduced nerve sensation, so be unaware that you have a foot ulcer, particularly if it is on a part of the foot that is difficult to see. For this reason, you should have regular Diabetic Foot Screenings so that foot ulcers can be found before they become problematic.
  • Bone alignment defects such as leg length discrepancies can cause foot ulcers because of the abnormal pressure they put on different parts of the foot.


  • Laser therapy – if you have good circulation, then laser therapy could be the most effective treatment for foot ulcers.
  • Treatments will vary depending on the depth of the ulcer. If left untreated, ulcers can become infected and even gangrenous, which may require surgery.
  • Prevention is as important as cure, and good foot care habits will help prevent ulcers forming. See our top tips for looking after your feet.
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