<h1 class = "standard-header">Nerve Pain</h1>

What is Nerve Pain?

Nerve painUnexplained pain in your foot can be attributed to nerve injury. It can often be difficult to describe your symptoms, and you may also have porblems pinpointing the exact area of pain. This is because your nerves could be damaged and are sending mixed signals to your brain.

What Causes Nerve Pain?

  • Underlying Illness such as diabetes and cancer. If you are experiencing foot pain that you cannot explain, such as pins and needles, tingling or just simple aching, then you should visit your podiatrist to see if there are any underlying causes.
  • Nerve Trauma The feet are connected to all parts of the body. Reflexology works by putting pressure on the relevant nerves in the foot, which sends messages to different parts of the body. The converse can happen and nerve damage can manifest itself as foot pain.


  • Rest – Sleep is a great healer, and making sure you are getting enough sleep can often be enough to eliminate your foot pain.
  • Treating the underlying condition will often alleviate the symptoms of nerve pain. We will refer you to your GP if we suspect you may have a health problem.
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