<h1 class = "standard-header">Pigeon Toes (False Clubfoot)</h1>

What are Pigeon Toes?

Pigeon Toes“Pigeon toes” is the common term for the condition where your feet point inwards towards one another when walking instead of straight ahead. Other medical terms include metatarsus varus, metatarsus adductus, and false clubfoot. Feet which point outwards are known as splay feet.

What Causes Pigeon Toes?

  • Bone misalignment. We will check all your bones, as your pigeon toes could be due to a misaligned pelvis, a twisted shin, or curvature in your feet, such as high or low arches.


  • Casts / Calipers – if caught early enough (pre toddler stage) then setting the leg straight using a cast or callipers will train the foot, rather like an eye patch training a lazy eye.
  • Surgery – this could be muscular or skeletal surgery depending on the cause of your pigeon toes. If you have a particularly tight Achilles tendon, then this can cause your toes to point inwards. Shortening the tendon can release the foot and straighten your toes. Bone correction surgery is more complicated, as is the post surgical treatment. We will explain every step of the process to you.
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