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What is Sesamoiditis?

sesamoiditisSesamoiditis is the gradual onset of pain under the big toe joint on weight-bearing, particularly when the big toe joint is flexed upwards. The pain can start as a mild ache and gradually increase to an intense throbbing if the aggravating activity is continued.

What Causes Sesamoiditis?

  • Tenderness may be localised to one or both of the sesamoids and callus may be present over the big toe joint. It is usually a result of repetitive stress and compression on the sesamoid and big toe joint, rather than an acute injury, leading to inflammation.


  • Mobilisation and manipulation – In the vast majority of cases, we can relieve your symptoms with a combination of manipulation and exercise. Learn more about mobilisation techniques.
  • Surgery Only in extreme cases is surgery necessary.
  • Exercise – calf stretches are an extremly good exercise for both relieving the symptoms and reducing recurrences of sesamoiditis.
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